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He escaped out of my mansion and into this maze

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He escaped out of my mansion and into this maze

The people who are located suspicious of cheating will be logged to a database with all the other people that are found suspicious. As soon as they are in the database then Jagex will look at just how much they've OSRS gold done and their match activity, or something along those lines. This idea isn't appropriate for an instant ban, not before the app may be considered well enough for an auto-banner, something that will have the ability to decide if you're a macro or not. I mean even should you get banned you can always go back and attempt to appeal it.

This application will also take screen shots. The screen shots will likely bring about lag into the match so if anyone has any better ideas here please post on this. But the whole idea of a screen shot would be to identify if the participant is speaking in any way. Many Macroers have a script which will allow players to talk to you personally and you will have a set question or questions the program will react to. The screen shot will only help check the conversation on such Rs 2107 gold player.