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They've decided they do not care about ancestral roots

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They've decided they do not care about ancestral roots

Ultimately, the Animal Crossing Bells space buns thing was pointless and unbelievably destructive, but I think it's important to recognize the kernel of truth in there and understand why folks may be upset.I find this particularly funny coming from men and women in the US. Once I was a kid, one of the focal points for Western Exceptionalism was that the"cultural melting pot" item, where the US is the best place ever because many cultures come together and bring cool stuff. Nearly everything we've been appropriated from somewhere or other.

The majority group just kinda does exactly what they need, using a rather poorly defined identity. "uh... 'white'?" . They've decided they do not care about ancestral roots, don't possess a carefully unique cultural financing, and don't mind. Because of getting zero ownership concern in the cultural components they use, they don't care about appropriation at the slightest (and frequently don't understand why others might).

Minority groups coming from heavy traditions can follow them. Surface-level parts could be appropriated, but the inherent culture is much too complex for that. If a white woman puts to a Chinese dress and beverages a few green tea, that's a far shot from a tea service which requires about as much study to get right as a Master Electrician license. Generally members will be delighted to export their civilization, and don't feel threatened that they won't have anything unique and special of their own. You have to be actively disrespectful with the appropriation to cheap Animal Crossing Items cause anger;"I like it and I want it" is a legitimate reason to replicate.