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China Classical Bathtub Faucet factory

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China Classical Bathtub Faucet factory

China Classical Bathtub Faucet factory 鈼嘜ur History
Cloud since entering the sanitary ware business has maintained the initial heart ," exquisite, reliable, durable "as the core purpose. Has served thousands of customers, to maintain high quality and develop new design, cloud investment in scientific research and development costs as high as millions a year. Meet every customer's requests, is cloud forever enterprise standard.
Today's cloud, accumulated nearly 20 years of industry experiences. In product design and development, production and sales, quality management and after-sales, there is a set of their own perfect system. Is a production, sales, trade in one of the diversified professional team, is a service team.
鈼嘜ur Factory
In the mood impetuous time stop, look up at the sky, experience the clouds smile to you feeling, a good life in that moment has a good expectation.
Along the way, Cloud Sanitary Technology Co., Ltd., experienced a lot of ups and downs, and over and over again, so that cloud has a major ideological change, so cloud has a new definition, experienced a lot, Now the cloud is a new, active, attentively cloud.
鈼嘜ur Product
The company's main products, basin faucet, kitchen faucet, floor standing bathtub faucet, shower faucet,bathroom accessories, floor drain, sewer and other products.
鈼嘝roduct Application
Products are suitable for wash basin, kitchen sink, bathroom sanitary ware, commercial bathroom and so on.
鈼嘜ur Certificate
Appearance patents, inventions, etc.
鈼嘝roduction Equipment
CNC machine, machining center, explosion-proof polishing, salt spray testing machine, sealing testing machine.
鈼嘝roduction Market
Main American market, European market and Russian market.
鈼嘜ur Service
Provide product pictures and details to enable guests to fully understand the functions and characteristics of the product.
Follow up and feedback the production status and status of the product.
Continue to follow up product customer feedback, do a good job of after-sales service.China Classical Bathtub Faucet factory